Hola! My name is Miguel. I'm a SEO specialist and Web Designer based in LA. I work exclusively for wedding photographers around the world.


SEO, Design and additional services

SEO development just for the 'wedding photographer'. For several years I've been working exclusively for W P on need of a better page ranking.

All websites I create are 100% responsive with a fluid layout. Meaning they will look awesome on any device. You won't lose any visitor because they cannot view your site.

I use Wordpress as the foundation of my designs because it's the best content management platform and the only one you need. On the client side Wordpress it's easy to update and friendly to use.

Additional services I offer (but are not limited to): Domain registration, Web hosting, email setup, social network, Wordpress dedicated server, forms, email marketing, landing pages, html galleries.

Stuff I Make



Wordpress is my canvas. Almost all my work is based in Wordpress because it's the most powerful content management system in the world. Wordpress is a tool without design limits and SEO friendly.


It doesn't matter where you live I know your goal is to reach more clients, show your portfolio the right way and engage people on social networks. I'd been in your place, I used to be a Wedding Photographer myself and that's why SEO and design design become a passion since years ago.


I develop and design beautiful, functional and modern responsive websites for all kind of devices.

The last step after a great SEO development is a good design. The perfect website design has to generate a strong visual impact, showcase your images and also prompt visitors to take an action (like: contact you).

My Services

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  • Wordpress installation
  • SEO development
  • Web Design
  • Wordpress moving
  • Domain registration
  • email account setup
  • Wordpress backup
  • Social Networks
  • Hosting
  • html Galleries

A bit about me

Miguel Mayo

Hello everyone! My name is Miguel Mayo. I was born in Argentina, a very beautiful country. I currently live in LA, California. I'm a SEO specialist and Web Designer who works exclusively for wedding photographers. In everything I do, I give a big piece of my heart and try my best to make the client happy with the final result, and of course make myself happy. Also, I am a photography lover (and I used to be a wedding photographer like you).

My work, my passion...

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